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Environmental pollution.
Pesticide, phthalate, paraben contamination
Heavy metals, rare earths,
Chronic toxicity, endocrine disruption, cocktail effect...

Our health is at risk. But what do we really know?

We are toxSeek emergency , association for civic action of the toxSeek group.
Our core values ​​are independence and integrity.
We are apolitical, we have no connection with industry or finance.
The members of our scientific committee declare no conflict of interest.

Now you will know and you will be able to act.


Are you really electrosensitive?

We have identified a possible electrohypersensitivity biomarker. EHS people or people suffering from chronic diseases (cancers) may present a very particular metal contamination (rare earths) potentiated by electromagnetic fields. Make a test!

Are there environmental causes for pediatric cancers?

We have analysed the metal (heavy metals and rare earths) contamination (chronic toxicity) of children suffering from pediatric cancers. The results of several French clusters are currently being consolidated. Organic pollutants contamination (pesticides, phthalates, parabens, bisphenols, flame retardants...) will also be studied over the next few months.


electromagnetic fields responsible for health problems in your animal husbandry
Are electromagnetic fields responsible for health problems in your animal husbandry?

Does your animal husbandry have sanitary problems (decrease in milk production, mastitis, leukocytes, abortion, unexplained deaths, changes in behaviour)? Is your farm close to relay antennas, wind turbines, medium and high voltage lines... ?
The conclusions of a study involving 16 farms will be able to help you.


Mining pollution - Orbiel valley (France)
Midi Libre | 08/09/2020

Study of arsenic impregnation in children

In June 2019, the revelation of abnormally high levels of arsenic in the urine of three children attending school in Mas-Cabardès and Lastours served as a detonator around the question of health and environmental impact of the Orbiel valley's mining past...

Dead cows in Nozay | 27/02/2020

Dead cows and sick farmers in Nozay

Metal contamination revealed. New revelations in the case of dead cows and sick farmers in Nozay (Loire-Atlantique). Biological analyses have revealed rare earth contamination.

Pediatric cancers in Sainte Pazanne | 01/09/2019

Pedriatric cancers: what the analysis of children's hair reveals

The association toxSeek emergency analysed the hair of 21 children in Sainte-Pazanne and its surroundings. Some of them recorded the presence of metals in high doses.

Pediatric cancers in Sainte Pazanne
Ouest France | 01/09/2019

Unprecedented results, according to the laboratory

For Matthieu Davoli, president of the toxSeek emergency association, the results obtained from the hair of 21 children living within a 10 km perimeter around Sainte-Pazanne are "unprecedented".

Residents contaminated by pesticides in Mayenne (France)
France 3 | 01/10/2019

No less than 15 toxic substances found in a strand of hair

In Mayenne, a mother suffering from two tumours denounced the use of pesticides eight metres away from her home.

Organic pollutants
France Bleu | 07/06/2019

Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides... The mayor of Bègles reveals the list of products detected in his body.

The results are appalling. From this sample, an independent laboratory was able to draw up a list of the chemicals that were eaten, drunk or inhaled by the mayor.